Feel like a Winner!

Team Building at
Gold Reef City

Exciting Johannesburg Team Building Packages

Team building at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg is like no other. Whether you want to try the Amazing Race, the Movie Maker or Survivor, every team will feel like a winner.

Is based the TV show’s “Amazing Race”.  It is an exhilarating program where the group is split into teams and given a race bag with instructions on what the day entails. Together, the teams enjoy a fun filled team building activity decoding clues, exploring, navigating and solving riddles found at various sites within the theme park. The day is designed around delegates solving complex problems, overcoming obstacles, carefully utilizing limited resources and relying on team mates for expertise, support and most importantly team work.

Times:  09h30 to 16h00

Is based on the popular TV show and requires teams/tribes to go head to head and battle for dominance through some amazing challenges: Nyami Nyami Challenge, Morabaraba, Archery, Gold Panning, the Grid Minefields and more. This a definitely a unique team building event in Johannesburg!

Times:  09h30 to 16h00

Min 10 People / Max 100 people 

A daytime/evening program perfect as a teambuilding exercise, with some fun completion and good food thrown in! The group will be divided into teams and each team will be allocated a potjie cooking station. Recipe and ingredients will be provided. Teams will be judged on team spirit, taste and presentation!

Immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood, red carpets, lights, camera and action. Armed with all the equipment to make a short movie or advert, teammates have to work together to make this movie or advert, either in and around the Hotel Village or anywhere on the Goldfields.

Times:  09h30 to 23h00

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