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All learning and no play makes for a very dull student life! Treat your students to a day of thrilling entertainment and/or a history lesson they will never forget! Gold Reef City School Tours packages are suitable for learners in pre-school right through to Matric.

The option of including Kiddies rides for preschool kids or Thrill Rides for older students will earn you Teacher of the Year status!

Our Heritage Tour provides an opportunity for inquisitive young minds to explore new places while they socialise and learn valuable lessons outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Rates for Tours

Schools Heritage (Mine Tour only)


Schools Grade R (Rides only)


Schools Fun Day (Rides only)


Schools Combo (Rides & Mine Tour)


Prior Booking is Essential

We only allow a certain number of learners into the Theme Park. Please contact the Heritage Department to make your school’s booking. We will send you a booking form to complete and upon receipt of your completed booking form, you will be sent a pro forma invoice.

The full payment must reflect in our bank account three business days before your intended visit. Once the payment reflects in our bank account a confirmation letter will be sent to you. This letter must accompany the school on the day of their visit. No booking can be confirmed until we have received payment.

For availability please contact the Heritage Department, Mondays to Fridays, on email:

  • All prices are per learner.
  • Children under the age of six years are not permitted on the underground mine tour.
  • School tours are conducted Wednesday to Fridays only and exclude public holidays or school holidays.
  • Ride availability may vary and can only be confirmed on the day of the visit.
  • Please note:
    • We do not accept cheques.
    • Prior booking and payment are essential.
    • Payment must reflect in our bank account three days before the intended visit.
  • Schools without a confirmed booking will pay the normal entrance price for all learners and teachers.

Teachers, please take note of the following:

  • Tours are conducted between 09h00 and 15h00 and last approximately 2 hours.
  • There are no restrooms underground. Please ensure your learners use the facilities before going on the tour.
  • Bring a jersey it might get cold.
  • Cameras are welcome, however, a good flash is required in certain areas – it can get dark in there…
  • In the unlikely event of an evacuation, a total of 151 steps will be required to climb to the top.

All tours are conducted in English.

Grade R to Grade 4 may only go on the Kiddies Corner rides.


  1. Please note that we can only accommodate schools from Wednesday to Friday. No bookings are allowed for weekends public or school holidays.
  2. Upon receipt of your booking form, you will be sent a pro forma invoice. Full payment must reflect in our bank account three business days before your intended visit. Once the payment reflects in our bank account a confirmation letter will be sent to you. This letter must accompany the school on the day of their visit. No booking can be confirmed until we have received the full payment.
  3. To ensure that a Heritage Tour can be offered, bookings must be done in advance. Please note that if no payment is received three business days before your visit or no booking is made, your school will need to pay the full price upon arrival.
  4. Bookings can only be made from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17h00.

  5. Bookings can only be confirmed if at least 80% of the payment or full payment is received.
  6. EFT payments must reflect in our bank account 3 (three) business days prior to your intended visit and proof of payment must be faxed to 011 248 6964 or e-mailed to
  7. Payment by cheque must be made 10 days prior to the visit.
  8. All payments must clearly reflect the reference number on the invoice.

  9. If Heritage Tours are cancelled it must be done at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance and accompanied by a written cancellation clearly stating the booking number.
  10. ALL cancellations done twenty-four (24) hours or more in advance will be charged a R400 cancellation fee.
  11. If no written cancellation was received or if it was done in less than twenty-four (24) hours before the start of the Heritage Tour, the cancellation fee will be charged and no refunds will be given in respect to the number of people who did not go on the Heritage Tour as booked.

  12. No refunds will be given if Heritage Tours cannot be conducted on account of the weather, and it is also not the obligation of Gold Reef City
  13. Theme Park to provide information on weather conditions beforehand.
  14. No refunds will be given in full or in part if any individual does not take part in the whole Heritage Tour for any reason. Please take note of any and all restrictions regarding the tour of the mine as listed below.
  15. No refunds will be given if learners do not arrive on the day of the Heritage Tour for whatever reason.
  16. No refund/voucher etc. will be given if schools arrive with fewer learners on the day of the Heritage Tour. It is therefore imperative to establish the exact number of learners beforehand and book accordingly.

  17. When a school arrives late on the day of the Heritage Tour, the greatest effort must be made to notify us beforehand of any situation that will affect the Heritage Tour and schedule, specifically arrival times and the numbers of learners in the group.
  18. In the event that a school group is late for Heritage Tour, the guide will wait for a maximum period of an hour. Please note that we are under no obligation to offer the Heritage Tour if the school group is late and we cannot accommodate them at another time that day. The private guide is not at the disposal of the school group for the whole day, only for the period that they are booked. If the school groups cannot be accommodated at all that day no refund or credit will be given.
  19. If there are more learners arriving on the day of the tour without prior bookings it will be at the discretion of the Tour Coordinator to decide if the extra learners can be accommodated in the booked tour. The extra learners can go on any of the scheduled tours if there is space available. They will be required to pay the full entrance fee and they can only go at a time when/if there is space available on the scheduled tours. We are under no obligation to offer these learners a tour if it is not possible.
  20. Please note that no food or drinks are allowed into the park.
  21. No person without shoes will be allowed to enter the park and shoes must be worn at all times.
  22. Tickets, prices, showtimes, hours and days of operation are subject to change without notice.
  23. All facilities are used at own risk and management reserves the right to limit entry into Gold Reef City and/or to evict, without refund, any person, not abiding by the General Rules, Boarding Notices or Park Guides.
  24. Under no circumstances will management or the owners be liable for any losses or damages sustained as a result of injuries, theft or accidents, whatsoever arising, whether occasioned by any person failing to abide by these Rules and Boarding Notices, or by own act or omissions. Any queries must be directed to management who are responsible for the operating and management of Gold Reef City.
  25. Gates at the entrance of the Theme Park close at 16h00 – no entry after 16h00. Unfortunately, pass out stamps can only be issued between 09h30 and 15h45. The queue cut off time is by management discretion.
  26. Depending on your personal health status, please be advised that Gold Reef City rides can be hazardous to your health. For your safety, some rides and attractions are restricted according to your learners’ height and age.
  27. No smoking, eating or drinking allowed on the rides.
  28. Performances, operating times, prices, availability of rides and other facilities are subject to change without notice at management’s discretion.
  29. When unsafe weather conditions dictate, certain rides, shows and attractions may be closed.
  30. First Aid: nurses are on duty during park operating hours for your safety.
  31. No firearms or other dangerous objects are allowed into Gold Reef City under any circumstances and offenders will be prosecuted without exception. Management reserves the right to confiscate any such items found.
  32. No offensive behaviour as a result of alcohol or other controlled substance abuse is permitted in Gold Reef City.
  33. No pets, skateboards, rollerblades, radios or bicycles are allowed into Gold Reef City.
  34. All learners are subject to a responsible adult’s supervision.
  35. No advertising in any form by the public is permitted in Gold Reef City. All signage inside Gold Reef City is in English. If any instruction is unclear, please ask Guest Services for assistance.

  36. No learner under the age of 6 years.
  37. No expectant mothers.
  38. No persons who are visually impaired.
  39. No persons who are physically challenged, have a walking defect or have an artificial leg or foot.
  40. No persons who have a heart condition.
  41. No persons with high or low blood pressure.
  42. No persons who have recently undergone major surgery.
  43. No persons suffering from or having a tendency towards claustrophobia.
  44. No persons suffering from asthma.

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