Ride Type: Thrill Rides

Thrill Rides Goldreef City


Carousel Lost Reef

Around and around we go through the jungle, whether it’s on horseback, a tiger, or a… It’s merry-go-round time!



Get ready to be whirled into a vacuum as the Vortex makes its circular movements to draw you into the eye of the Storm. Only persons 1.3m and taller are allowed.

Landy Bug

Lady Bug

Experience the vibrant colours in the world of our insect friends when you take a ride on our brand new Lady Bug Ferris wheel. Live life to the fullest!

Congo Queen

Congo Queen

Hold on tight to your seat “Mateys” as the Congo Queen sways from side to side through the air. Not your average Pirate Ship, I tell you! Only suitable for persons taller than 1.3m.

Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Imagine you are a lord or lady as you travel through time in our new Classic Cars as they honk and hoot through the narrow streets of Jozi in yesteryear.

City Bus

The wheels of the bus go up and down, up and down, all day long… Take in the view from above as you “ride” through the City of Gold on your City Bus alongside friends and family.

Car Bumpers

Bumper Cars

They may look like Vintage Cars, but they don’t drive like them. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Challenge your driving skills with our latest addition of super cool rides. “Bumper Cars.

Wave Swing

Relive Your Childhood! Grab your friends and feel the wind in your hair as you relive your childhood on the Wave Swings. Dangle your feet in the air whilst the carousel swings your suspended chair around! Round and round we go laughing and cheering. Hold on tight!

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