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Monday, 23 January 2023


Friday, 31 March 2023

Sign up to the Gold Reef City Rewards Programme and win!

Free sign-up. Instant Discounts. Great Benefits.

Sign up to Gold Reef City’s Rewards Programme to Win in 2023! Simply bring your valid I.D or Drivers licence, complete the registration form at the customer service desk and Spin the Wheel to WIN! It’s easy and FREE! One Card, Endless benefits! 18+ only!

Enjoy the best Gold Reef City Casino has to offer when you sign up! Use your card while playing in the Casino to receive great benefits and instant discounts on the best experiences, fun, games, thrills, and entertainment.

We want to make sure that you have the best experiences when you visit us. That’s why we want to give you access to great benefits through our Tsogo Rewards Programme so that you, your friends, and family can experience all the fun, games, thrills and entertainment we have to offer, for less.


When you use your Rewards card to play Slots or Tables, you earn points which you can use to play more. and you also get the chance to win great prizes. The more you play, the more points you earn and the quicker you reach the next status level.


Feel like inviting friends to dinner? Want to take the family out for a treat? Or celebrating something special? Whatever your mood, or the occasion, there will be a menu to satisfy you.

Save on your meal by presenting your Rewards card before you pay the bill. The way the discount works can vary, depending on the restaurant. You could save on your food or the entire bill. Even if your guests aren’t Rewards members, they could also enjoy the discount. Just find out how many of you can qualify for the discount as this may differ at each outlet.


From dance and music to theatre and stand-up comedy, you will be entertained by world-class performers across the country when you book tickets to events and shows.

You qualify for exclusive discounts on tickets to many of the shows and events at Tsogo Sun Gaming properties. Use your Rewards card when buying tickets at a booking outlet or enter your membership number when booking online to get your instant discount.


Escape to another world. Find action, adventure, drama, comedy or romance when you visit any one of our movies@ cinemas, home to all the latest blockbusters.

As a Rewards member, you enjoy the full cinematic experience for less. All you have to do is use your Rewards card when buying tickets at any movies@ cinema or enter your membership number when booking online (where available) to get your instant discount.


Get ready for an action-packed day and enjoy some of South Africa’s biggest, tallest and fastest rides. If you aren’t an adrenaline junkie, there are some tamer rides to enjoy as well.

Use your Rewards card when buying Theme Park tickets online by entering your membership number to get your instant discount. You are limited to 4 tickets on one Rewards card only (even if you have multiple cards).

PLUS. So much more!

Get ready for great benefits, instant discounts, and real value!

1. The Tsogo Sun Gaming Rewards Programme (“the programme”) is a multi-partner Reward Programme
operated by all participating Tsogo Sun Gaming entities (“Tsogo Sun Gaming”).
2. Only persons who are 18 years or older are eligible to sign up for a Tsogo Sun Gaming Rewards card (“the
card”). Juristic, excluded and self-excluded persons may not participate in the programme.
3. Valid positive and acceptable forms of identification will be required. Photographic images of cardholders
may be required for inclusion into the casino system. Copies of each of these documents will be retained by the casino.
4. Tsogo Sun Gaming reserves the right, amongst other rights, to amend card status or withdraw cards at its sole discretion. In addition Tsogo Sun Gaming reserves the right to suspend or terminate programme participation where cardholders are in breach of the terms and conditions, including but not limited to, qualification criteria.
5. The card status is determined by the cardholder’s activity in all aspects of the programme. It is the
cardholder’s responsibility to insert the card into electronic gaming devices or hand it in at table games during play and to present it to third-party programme participants.
6. The card remains the property of Tsogo Sun Gaming and it reserves the right to levy a fee to replace lost,
stolen or damaged cards.
7. Programme participation, rewards and benefits are not transferable. Cards are limited to one per person,
per casino.
8. Specific terms and conditions apply to individual rewards, benefits and special offers. Furthermore, Tsogo
Sun Gaming reserves the right without consultation with cardholders or any prior approval thereof, to amend the terms and conditions for programme participation, including but not limited to alliance with other programmes. Equally rewards, benefits, points earned, special offers, awards, expiry periods and rates at which points are earned may be amended.
9. Tsogo Sun Gaming shall not be liable for any loss of value or points from cards in any manner and
howsoever arising. Cardholders are required to safeguard their cards, points and any other value linked to the cards against loss, theft or fraudulent use. In the event of loss or theft of a card, the cardholder concerned should notify the casino by visiting the Customer Service Desk immediately in person.
10. Cardholders are required to present their cards together with a positive and acceptable form of
identification when utilizing their card for transactions and claiming of prizes, special offers or redeeming of vouchers.
11. Complimentary services are extended to one cardholder at the relevant entity’s discretion.
12. Members are required to notify the relevant Tsogo Sun Gaming Casino of any changes in address or
personal details, either in writing or in person at the Customer Service Desk.
13. Cardholders without any activity in areas of the programme that generate points earning for a significant
period of time will not be considered for special offers and benefits. In addition, programme participation may be terminated accordingly.
14. Further terms, conditions and rules may be applicable from time to time, which will be specific to the
promotional offering. Cardholders may visit the Tsogo Sun Gaming Rewards Programme for the latest terms, conditions and rules that may be applicable to the programme and specific promotional offers.
15. Cardholders may elect not to be included in Tsogo Sun Gaming’s marketing communications list by opting
out at any time by clicking on unsubscribe in email communication or replying STOP to opt out of SMS communication. A reasonable period should be allowed for Tsogo Sun Gaming to give effect to aforementioned opt-out request; hence the cardholder may receive marketing communication during the transitional period.
16. Tsogo Sun Gaming reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel the programme at any time with prior notice.
In addition, the use of points and/or benefits may be suspended from time to time with notice thereof.
17. The casino will be recording information relating to the cardholder each time the card is utilised for
gambling purposes. The recorded information, which may not necessarily reflect an accurate record of actual monies won, lost or used for gambling purposes, will be utilised by the casino to reward cardholders accordingly and to further obtain and process information for historical, statistical and research purposes. Such information will be retained for a period that is appropriate to serve the legitimate business interests of Tsogo Sun Gaming.
18. Programme participants provide express consent to Tsogo Sun Gaming for the processing and further
processing of their personal and special personal information for lawful purposes as set out in Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013, to enable Tsogo Sun Gaming to sign up participants to the Tsogo Sun Gaming Rewards Programme and manage the functions associated. Refer to the Tsogo Sun Gaming Privacy Policy for information regarding personal information collected from participants, including the purpose for which information is collected and the further processing of participants’ personal information. Requests for the deletion, amendment or updating of personal information should be made in writing by the data subject.
19. Programme participants indemnify and hold harmless, Tsogo Sun Gaming, its subsidiaries, management and
employees against any legal action, claim or suit, including but not limited to non-compliance in respect of consent requirements
20. Employees of Tsogo Sun Gaming or any subsidiary of Tsogo Sun Holdings Limited may not participate in the

Spin the Wheel

1. No person under 18 is allowed to gamble or participate in this promotion.
2. Any person who has been issued with a Refusal of Entry order, or who is self-excluded, or who fall into
category of excluded persons, is expressly prohibited from participating in this promotion.
3. This promotion is closed to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents or
consultants of or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the company or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.
4. This promotion is opened to Gold Reef City New Sign up members.
5. The promotional period will run from 23 January to 31 March 2023
6. New Members over the abovementioned period will have an opportunity to spin the wheel and winning
various prizes.
7. Prizes must be redeemed/used within 7 days of issue.
8. Participants need to spin the wheel hard enough to ensure that it makes three full rotations in order for the
spin to be valid and eligible for a prize. Should the wheel not make three full rotations the participant will be required to spin again
9. Weekly rewards will be forfeited if not claimed within the collection period.
10. Unclaimed vouchers cannot be extended.
11. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other reward.
12. All decisions are final and binding and no correspondence or appeals will be entered into.
13. Any person transgressing the rules of this promotion will be disqualified.
14. Every participant in the promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules by virtue
of their participation.
15. The above clauses are severable from each other. Should any clause or part thereof be found to be
unenforceable by operation of the law, such clause or part thereof will be severed, and the remaining clauses shall remain in force.
16. Copies of these rules are available at the Customer Service Desk upon request.


The Tsogo Rewards programme aims to reward our members each chance we get. No frills, no fuss – just relevant benefits that you can actually use!

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